All Podcasts> Avoiding Common Financial Mistakes: Pro Tips from a Seasoned Planner (With Alex Hadjisophocleous from Forest Financial Planning)

Alex Hadjisophocleous is a fee-only/advice-only financial planner at Forest Financial Planning Inc., helping individuals and business owners grow wealth through financial literacy. His unbiased advice is a refreshing contrast to financial advisors who charge substantial annual fees, particularly in Canada. In this episode, he shares a wealth of financial wisdom, including tips on insurance, paying installments, and how to withdraw a salary or pay yourself in a small business. He also shares his insights on the future direction of the financial planning industry.


0:00 Intro 

0:55 Conversation begins 

4:50 Financial advice to small business owner 

12:00 Strategies to grow a business 

22:35 Debt, Loans, Investing

25:00 Planning for an unpredictable future 

29:15 Trajectory of financial service industry

32:30 Financial education 

38:05 Alex’s course “Simplify and Grow”

41:20 Closing Advice 


Alex Hadjisophocleous




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