All Podcasts> Secrets to Building a Team That Fuels Your Success: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know!(With Zach Montroy from The Intention Collective)

Growing and scaling a small business takes strategy, innovation, and above all, great leadership. Zach Montroy, the Founder & CEO of The Intention Collective—a group of consultants specializing in small business growth and scaling—is a Harvard-educated strategist focusing on organizational psychology and development. In this lively discussion, they delve into team motivation, vision, values, goals, and systems. In an unpredictable world, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, how often should you revisit your business strategy? Zach suggests it’s helpful to have no more than four values and to continually build trust internally within your team. He also emphasizes the value of personal coaching and therapy, sharing insights from his own entrepreneurial journey.

0:00 Intro
0:53 Conversation begins
6:40 Motivating and aligning a team
8:40 Be vulnerable
10:20 Flexible strategy
13:00 On effective leadership
16:20 Personal VS business values
23:00 Trust is a bank account
26:24 Entrepreneurial journey
31:50 Importance of coach and therapist
32:25 Advice to younger self
33:26 What’s next and final thoughts
35:13 Get connected

Zach Montroy

Resource Mentioned
Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts by Brené Brown

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