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Mastering mergers & acquisitions for small businesses, join me with guest Colleen Kelley president at Stratford Group. In this episode we explore the strategic reasons why small and medium-sized businesses should consider acquisitions. Colleen specializes in business scale-up, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and integrations. Colleen shares a comprehensive overview of M&A strategies, financial considerations, due diligence processes, key industry players, and integration challenges for small and medium-sized businesses. Don’t miss out on your M&A opportunities.

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1:13:Colleen Kelley

2:30: M&A, A Strategic Lever for Growth

6:50:Show Me The Money

10:24:4 Step Buying Process 

13:11:Avoiding Deal Fever

18:08:Who’s Who in the Industry

23:06:Brought to you by Zenbooks

24:32:Finding Businesses to Buy

26:49:Understanding Valuation

28:48:Data Room 

33:06:Accelerating Growth Curve 

36:30:Educate Yourself

38:25:Buyers and Sellers

40:35:Rewarding Career Path

42:20:Knowing your Long Term Goals

44:56:Humani HR Sponsor

Colleen Kelley 


Complementary business assessment and valuation. 

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