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We like to be candid and get to the point.
Truth is... If we can access your information from anywhere, why would we work from an office?

As online accountants, all our staff have the option of working from home, from a local coffee shop or from their cottage. Using video conferencing to keep in touch with clients allows for quick, convenient and impactful communication.


Are you an all-star accountant? Want the flexibility of working remote? We are constantly hiring amazing people to join our team of online accountants!




Why would I trust a few young folks instead of mature accountants?

I mean, I wouldn’t say we’re immature. But I can tell you that we’re not so mature that our jokes turn into “Dad Jokes”. We expect to build that trust with you over time. We went through the battle scars of working in the large global firms that grind at our souls. We all have the technical knowledge to fully help your business. But we’re the ones who keep up with technology and are motivated to show you the latest and greatest tools to make your life easier, as a business owner. We’re not cruising to retirement here, we’re out here proving ourselves to the world that accounting and financial management can be fun!

How many years have you been in business?

We incorporated in 2015. But we’ve all been in the industry of several years, many of us in the large global accounting firms.

What kind of tools do you use?

ReceiptBank, HubDoc, Xero, WorkflowMax, WagePoint, Plooto, ApprovalMax, TSheets, Float, Fathom and countless more!

Why work with a virtual accountant when I could meet face to face with someone?

The reality is, that highly skilled talent in any field have an enormous amount of control over their work tasks. Many genius financial management talent require to work from home. Even want to work while travelling across the world. The reality is that we want the very best financial management professionals in our workforce. The most modern and progressive workforce wants to work remotely….. from anywhere. We bring them together, in a unified capacity and have them work for your business objectives! That’s what we do! We have the very best, make your business a profitable as possible!

What about security? Is my information safe?

We use a top-of-the-line client portal (Sharefile) which is used by Fortune 100 companies. We don’t cut corners around security!

How are you different than an accountant?

Zenbooks are professionals in organization’s financial management.

We don’t do one-off projects. We’re part of your on-going team. Your accounting department is more than just one person, it’s a team of Zenbooks Accountants that are assigned to address your needs.

When you hire one person, you get that person’s experience. When you hire Zenbooks, you get all the experience we have dealing with tonnes of companies.

What kind of people do you hire?

We are a leading force in the services we provide. We have hundred of applicants that apply for roles with Zenbooks. We offer some of the best health benefits and compensation packages in the industry. As a distributed organization, we have the luxury of picking the very best talent from across the country, with no geographical limitations. We provide them career advancement and challenging work environment everyday. Could you do the same?

Why do you only work with Cloud based apps?

We believe that if you’re not using cloud-based apps, you’re going to be left behind in the technological race for efficiency and effectiveness. This means we share information in a LIVE environment with tax accountants, our staff and auditors. Our staff can work remotely and you have flexibility to do your work from wherever your business takes you. It’s the future of software, and we would rather be ahead of the curve than behind it!

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