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What if I want to travel/work?

Travelling is amazing! Many of our staff members have travelled during their time with us (You can see Shane’s story here). We request that you let us know your plans for travel outside your home city, so we can see how it fits with the overall operational needs of our clients. We essentially take turns to travel on a rotating basis. Zenbooks has financially supported our staff’s travels to Philippines, Thailand and Los Angeles. Where do you want to go?

Who goes through the resumes?

Resumes are reviewed by the principals (Colin Robinson and Eric Saumure), then discussed with the rest of the team on their input. Maintaining our firm culture is important for us, so we need to make sure that everyone can see themselves working with you and you see yourself working with them.

What kind of career paths do you have?

We have a few career growth options. You can wither grow from Bookkeeper > Manager/Controller > CFO. You can transition to get more involved on the implementation side of the technology for our clients. Or if tax is more your thing, we can figure something out.

What if I want to do my CPA designation?

Awesome! Good idea! We’ll do what we can to help you through the process. The new CPA process allows for you to get your experience from a variety of sources we would love for you to get your practical experience with us!

When you say we work remote, what EXACTLY does that mean?

It means that you can work from home, coffee shop or the cottage. You need to be available via reliable internet. To be quite honest, some of us find it tough working from a coffee shop sometimes, because its tough to have video calls or phone calls. Most of us work from home, but some of us enjoy travelling.

My business has a lot of paperwork, how do you convert that into a format that you can work with?

That’s our pixie dust! That’s what makes us special. We’ve seen it all! We breakdown every source of paper document you receive and send out. Then we work at how we can improve the process to have them all in digital format. It does not work for every type of business, but you can simply have a quick consultation with us to see how we can help your specific business.

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