All Podcasts> From Obscurity to Icon: Unveiling Secrets to Crafting a Memorable Small Business Brand (With Robert Smith from Greenmelon)

What are the key attributes of a polished brand? To tackle this question, Eric invites Robert Smith for an insightful conversation on branding. Robert, a branding expert, Adjunct Professor, author, and Chief Creative Officer at Greenmelon Inc, has a wealth of experience in crafting successful brand identities. Having worked with numerous major companies in Canada, Robert prioritizes frequency, consistency, and quality in his approach. He shares invaluable tips and advice tailored for small businesses venturing into brand building. Throughout their discussion, they delve into topics such as logos, timelines, competition, creativity, and AI.

0:00 Intro 

1:00 Conversation begins 

3:40 Remove “like”

5:00 Frequency, consistency, quality 

10:44 Outsourcing branding and consulting 

13:45 Budget and commitment

16:35 The issue with AI 

21:00 When to invest in branding 

25:18 Lasting logos 

27:40 Competition, disruption, colors 

30:30 Value of branding 

36:40 Stop Looking For Zebras 

40:10 Creativity 

42:40 What’s next 

44:02 Get connected 


Robert Smith


Stop Looking for Zebras

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