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Managing people for YOUR small business, join me with guest Andrea Bartlett, she has been Vice-President of People at Humi for 3 years. In this episode we talk in depth about how you can make sure that HR plays a pivotal role in nurturing your workplace and foster great employee experiences. Andrea has great tactical advice and real-world examples to help you enhance your Employee Experience and onboarding processes. 

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0:00                        Introduction 

2:15                        Andrea Bartlett

3:35                        Employee Experience Explained

7:45                        Communication is Key

11:49                     Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

16:47                     Measuring Experience Goals

21:38                     Recruitment Process Investment

26:01                     Personal Touch

32:04                     The Humi Differentiation

34:25                     Brought to you by Zenbooks

35:47                     People & Profitability Balance

41:10                     Metrics Trap

44:17                     Caring without Carrying

48:21                     Understanding your Business

50:52                     Building in the HR Space

54:21                     Emdash Sponsor

54:55                     Next Episode Teaser


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