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Join me with guest Riaz Sidi from, a distinguished sales and marketing leader, sharing game-changing insights from his 20+ years of experience as he champions collaboration over competition and unveils the secrets of customer engagement. In this episode we explore the core pillars of business success from revenue generation, sales finesse, and marketing brilliance. Riaz emphasizes the importance of a strong foundation, likening it to igniting a spark before launching a marketing campaign. Discover the art of diversification and adaptability in an ever-changing market. Riaz advocates authentic self-presentation, while harnessing AI and automation to elevate efficiency and customer experiences. Embrace the journey, and let Riaz light the way to unconventional success strategies.

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0:00: Introduction 

1:11: Riaz Sidi

2:17: Overlooking the fundamentals

6:05: Playing the short game only

9:41: Being real and having fun

12:20: Collaboration is key

14:52: Brought to you by Zenbooks

15:45: Harnessing AI to maintain rates during inflation

18:42: Blue Ocean strategy

21:54: Embracing AI for better outcomes

23:36: Education, entertainment and enlightenment

29:14: Building your own ecosystem

34:00: Water cooler culture 

36:11: Get off the roller coaster 

40:21: Balancing work and family; getting out what you put in

42:08: Keeping the honeymoon alive

47:17: Humani HR Sponsor

48:00: Next Episode

Riaz Sidi 


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Building a StoryBrand

Unreasonable Hospitality

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