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Starting a small business involves various legal considerations, many of which can be conveniently addressed online. Shane Murphy, the CEO of Ownr, brings a legal background to the table and shares his entrepreneurial journey, including successfully starting and later having his business acquired by its major competitor. Ownr, an all-in-one platform, has assisted more than 125,000 small businesses in their initial stages by facilitating tasks such as registration and incorporation and provides ongoing support for routine legal needs. Scaling up your “side hustle’ and making your business ideas official doesn’t need to be excessively costly or complex.

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0:00 Teaser
1:06 Conversation
3:38 Entrepreneurial journey
7:50 Technology and small businesses
15:36 Legal considerations
29:36 Past as a lawyer
32:10 Acquisition with Ownr
36:10 What’s next
38:28 Get connected
40:04 Outro

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