All Podcasts> Unlocking Small Business Potential with IT (With Jeremy Irving from IC360)

Small businesses should not shy away from new technology, but rather use it as a secret tool to drive  employee and customer satisfaction and engagement. Jeremy Irving is the Managing Director and Senior Technical Analyst of  IC 360 Solutions, a technology firm that helps small businesses. He is also a certified PMP (project management professional) and a cloud technology and digital transformation expert, with over twenty years of hands-on IT experience. Today, he shares his insights on cybersecurity, ChatGPT, Microsoft versus G-Suite, his personal views on work-life balance, and much more.  

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0:00 Teaser 
1:10 Interview with Jeremy 
8:10 Cloud solutions and security 
12:56 Prevalence of cyber attacks 
14:35 How can small businesses protect themselves 
16:50 Microsoft VS G-suite 
20:12 Leading with objectives 
25:26 Design first, engineer second 
25:46 Benefits and issues of AI 
31:20 In-house VS outsourcing 
34:40 Work-life balance 
43:46 Get connected 
44:37 Outro 

Jeremy Irving 

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