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In this episode our guest, Ange unpacks the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its multi-dimensional influence on interactions within teams. Emotionally intelligent leadership is revealed as a catalyst for trust, collaboration, and innovation, fostering a culture that drives small business success.


Small business owners are offered practical strategies to harness the power of emotions, bolster team cohesion, and maximize productivity. Self-awareness emerges as a pivotal factor, underlining the importance of recognizing one’s emotions in nurturing emotional intelligence. Additionally, the discussion touches on the significance of emotional resilience in overcoming challenges and setbacks.


Ange provides insights into tools and techniques for assessing and improving EI within teams, citing real-world success stories to inspire businesses looking to transform their cultures.


As the episode concludes, Ange leaves listeners with the encouragement to embrace emotional intelligence as a growth accelerator, offering a fresh perspective on leadership and team dynamics. Don’t miss this insightful journey into the role of emotions in small business success on “Small Business Big Insights.


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00:00 – 00:20 Introduction

The transcription begins with an introduction, setting the stage for the conversation about emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal development.


00:20 – 00:23:54 Emotional Intelligence Overview (Ange)

Ange discusses emotional intelligence (EI), mentioning that it consists of four quadrants and has subcategories. They emphasize the importance of understanding EI and mention that it can be developed by up to 20% in one year.


00:23:54 – 00:25:16 Application of Emotional Intelligence (Eric)

Eric acknowledges the quantification of EI growth and discusses how EI development can benefit personal life, not just the workplace.


00:25:16 – 00:26:55 Whole Person Performance (Ange)

Ange emphasizes the concept of whole person performance, highlighting that personal and professional aspects are interconnected.


00:26:55 – 00:28:49 Developing Teams with EI (Eric)

Eric asks about developing teams using emotional intelligence, leading to Ange’s explanation of the role of leaders in promoting EI and the importance of celebrating small wins.


00:28:49 – 00:30:07 Impact of EI on Addiction (Ange)

The discussion shifts to the relationship between emotional intelligence and addiction, with Ange explaining how low EI and self-esteem can contribute to addiction.


00:30:07 – 00:32:02 Coaching vs. Therapy (Eric)

Eric inquires about the difference between coaching and therapy, leading to Ange discussing their approaches. They highlight that coaching focuses on assisting individuals in setting and achieving goals.


00:32:02 – 00:33:20 Starting a Coaching Practice (Ange)

Ange shares their experience of starting a coaching practice shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic and how the shift to online coaching brought unexpected opportunities.


00:33:20 – 00:35:00 Future Projects (Eric)

Eric asks about Ange’s future projects, leading to a discussion of their plans for scaling the coaching practice and creating an AI emotionally intelligent coach.


00:35:00 – 00:35:47 Leadership Cohorts (Ange)

Ange introduces leadership cohorts designed to help individuals at various stages of their leadership journey.


00:35:47 – 00:36:57 The Importance of EI (Eric)

Eric asks if there are any other important aspects to discuss, prompting Ange to stress that every organization, regardless of size, can benefit from implementing emotional intelligence practices.


00:36:57 – 00:37:44 How to Connect (Ange)

Ange provides contact information for reaching out or learning more about their services, including their podcast, “The Human Side of Business.”


00:37:44 – 00:38:46 Podcast and Closing (Eric)

The conversation closes with Eric mentioning the upcoming episode and sponsors. They thank Ange for their time.


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