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Employee retention is crucial for small businesses, and providing benefits to alleviate financial worries  can be instrumental in avoiding turnover. Gren Austin serves as the Head of Wealthsimple Work, overseeing the day-to-day operations of Wealthsimple’s Group Retirement Business. In a conversation with Eric, Gren delves into the distinctions between group pensions and RSPs, emphasizes a client-first approach, and highlights the diverse range of services that Wealthsimple offers.

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0:00 Teaser 
0:57 Interview begins
2:36 Client-first approach
6:05 Human VS robot 
7:50 Expanding into crypto and trading
11:35 Education, savings, investing 
12:55 Group pensions VS RSP’s 
18:05 Retention and turnover 
20:33 Help employees manage their money 
23:30 Cost of group retirement benefits 
28:38 How does it work 
32:50 Wealthsimple Tax 
36:20 Areas of focus 
39:10 Get connected 
39:50 Outro 

Gren Austin

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