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We make record keeping easy

Online bookkeeping gives us (and you) several advantages over traditional bookkeeping:

online bookkeeping makes it's it easy to communicate
Stay in the Loop

Online bookkeeping services makes it much easier for you to get in contact with us! Whether you choose to email, call, or video chat with us, you’ll always be in the loop.

online bookkeeping makes Zenbooks tech friendly
Tech Friendly

We use several SaaS tools within our tech friendly model that let us to integrate seamlessly with your other softwares, allowing us to makes work more effectively and efficiently. 

online bookkeeping results in better reporting
Better Reporting

We can provide more detailed and useful reports to better manage your business’ cashflow, predict cash shortages and find efficiencies in your operations.

What We Provide

Our team can produce advisory level reports that range from basic to highly detailed depending on the needs of your business. Our online bookkeeping services include:

Better Bookkeeping, Better Accounting

Bookkeeping is the underlying fundamental component to a robust accounting process that can drive profitability by division, product line, cash-flow projections, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring and efficiency tracking.

Online Bookkeeping Zenbooks

Zenbooks' online bookkeeping team is the engine to the rest of our operations.

Advisory Consulting

By using the detailed reports and information provided by our bookkeeping team, our Senior Advisory Consultants can provide proactive and candid advice best suited for your business 

Tax Accounting

Our Tax Accountants use our bookkeeping reports to enable strategic tax planning and can screen your business for credit and deductions that may be eligible. 

Zenbooks is not your typical accountant, we're an extension of your team!


Zenbooks has been an incredible team to work with. They have allowed our design firm to focus on growing and providing a high quality of service to our clients while they take care of the behind the scenes administrative bookkeeping & accounting transactions. Having a bookkeeping company we can trust with great communication and an open mind has provided a tailored service that best suits our needs. As entrepreneurs we invest a lot of time into our craft and require a bookkeeping team that understands our quick pace and constantly evolving needs. They truly take the time to listen and capture our unique requirements and customize their services appropriately.

Justin Thomason, West of Main, (Interior Design)


If you are online, how do I know you are actually working for me?

We deliver results. Period. If we do not deliver for you, you can stop working with us. You don’t pay us for the time it takes to stumble around the office and eat donuts/coffee all day (I mean we actually do drink a LOT of coffee…). You pay us to deliver you results.

What are the advantages of using online bookkeepers?

  • It means its easier to get in touch with us! You can email us, call us, video call, phone call. You don’t have to drive to come see us (ever) and you don’t have to mail anything to us (ever).
  • We also use a lot of SaaS tools and we are super tech friendly. We know there are a tonne of software that make your experience better with us. We believe we can provide a better service to you by use using these online tools. We believe you are online all the time, and that is where you expect us to be. 

My business has a lot of paperwork, how do you convert that into a format that you can work with?

That’s our pixie dust! That’s what makes us special. We’ve seen it all! We breakdown every source of paper document you receive and send out. Then we work at how we can improve the process to have them all in digital format. It does not work for every type of business, but you can simply have a quick consultation with us to see how we can help your specific business.

What if an emergency comes up, are you always available?

We are constantly available 5 days per week(C’mon, we need a break over the weekends too!). If an emergency comes up over a weekend/evening you can always leave us a voicemail and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

If I work with a “virtual” accounting team, do I lose any of the benefits of face-to-face communication?

We think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. It depends on your personality, and how you interact with people. If you need to give your accountant a hug when you meet them, maybe we’re not the right fit.  By having video calls and screen sharing we’re able to see exactly what you see and provide guidance to you from the comfort of your own home or office.

So I always deal with the same people at Zenbooks?

We assign you a Zenbooks CFO, Zenbooks Controller and Zenbooks Accountant. We don’t have much staff turnover(knock on wood), and we write out our operational knowledge so we can share it amongst our team. So if ever the team changes, you don’t get impacted.

How fast can you get started?

We need to give our team a break. We can only take on 1 new client per month. Depending on our capacity, you may need to wait a few weeks before we can really jump in and start the onboarding process.

What kind of staff members join our team?

Proactive and Reactive services come with a Controller/Manager and accountant. At the Strategic level, you get a Virtual CFO on your side!

How do you connect with your clients?

Our HQ is in Ottawa, Ontario, and we work remotely with our clients. We often have video calls (through Zoom) to screen share and see each other and while emails are also often used. But you can also always give us a call!


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