Cloud Software

The following are some of the amazing cloud software that we work with and love to use! We have access to great discounts for most of the cloud software, so just ask us if you want to give them a try.


G Suite Logo

We LOVE Google’s platform! Allows you to get a professional email address, get 30GB of cloud storage and allow yourself to work from anywhere/anytime! In Fact, we’re affiliated with Google and can offer you 20% off your first year with GSuite, just send us a quick email and we can give enable your discount!


Xero Logo

Xero is a revolutionary cloud accounting software. We use Xero a LOT! Because it’s awesome! Xero is really fast, beautiful and integrated with an enormous amount of other software. This is our specialty!

Quickbooks Online - QBO

QBO is a fantastic cloud accounting software. We use QBO for specific companies that have different needs and specific requirements that Xero just can’t match. QBO improves every year and even months. It’s a great software for specific small and medium businesses.

Receipt Management

HubDoc Logo

HubDoc is the leader in OCR and receipt management in Canada. HubDoc is renowned for its fetching capabilities that gather bank, investment and credit cards statements directly from financial institutions. You can also email, scan or snap files to HubDoc for your back-ups! Incredibly useful program!



Great individualized portal for each employees. Allows for EFTs for as low as $0.50/transaction. Integrates very well!

Simple Pay Logo

Great payroll software that works fantastically. Not for every organization.

Workflow Management


WorkflowMax is an amazing tool for proposals, time sheets, job costing, project management and so much more. We’re implementer and advisers of WorkflowMax. Let us know if you want a FREE trial.

Jobber logo

Fantastic scheduling and job management software for contractors and service based businesses.

Time Management

TSheets Logo

Great time sheet software to keep track of your employees’ time. Fantastic tool!

toggl logo

Great time sheet software to keep track of your employees’ time. Fantastic tool!

Payment Processing

plooto Logo

Fantastic software that allows you to make payment to and from suppliers and customers. Easier then email money transfers(and easier to track), only $0.50 per transactions and can set-up recurring EFTs. No more cheques in your business! Imagine! We can often give you 25 free transactions, with no obligations to sign-up with us!

Stripe Logo

Great payment provider for small businesses.

PayPal Logo

Great payment provider for small businesses. Even cheaper for Not-for-profits!

Online Shopping

shopify Logo

Amazing software for website vendors! Integrates very well with accounting software and collects great consumer information.

We can help you implement your “Software Stack” which is completely customized to your business needs! We know these software like the back of our hands! Feel free to ask us some questions! Schedule a call today!