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Today’s conversation is with accomplished technology leader Anastasia Valentine. Join me as she reveals her strategies for smart revenue growth for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We explore the pivotal roles of CROs and CMOs in aligning marketing and sales for business expansion as well as strategies for networking and building valuable connections using CRM tools . We dive into the realm of AI in content creation while emphasizing the balance of human touch and ethical practices. Anastasia imparts wisdom on setting achievable goals, optimizing work efficiency, and preventing burnout. Tune in for practical insights.

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0:00: Introduction 

1:10: Anastasia Valentine

2:41: One Team Mentality 

4:22: Tapping into your Network

6:17: Adding Value to Create Efficient Marketing and Sales Processes 

8:03: Listen More, Talk Less – Incredible Customer Experiences

11:19: Canceling Hussle Culture

18:13: Brought to you by Zenbooks

19:21: The AI Assistant – Human vs Machine

26:45: Language Soup – Learning Languages for Kids

29:54: How and When to Hire a Fractional CRO or CMO

32:00: Creating Measurable Goals to Manage Stress

35:22: Choosing Each Other

36:37: Start-Ups and Scale Ups

39:45: IC360 Solution Sponsor

40:31: Next Episode

Anastasia Valentine 


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